Love Yer Guts

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Ruth Davy of the Gastrointestinal Cancer Institute (GICI) asking if I would be apart of their fundraising campaign, Love YerGuts

At first I was a little hesitant, not sure what I was getting myself in for or if I could handle it emotionally. But after speaking it through with Ruth , Jeremy and my family I decided to give it a go. If sharing my story cohld help in anyway than that was great!

Explaining to people the bowel cancer is not an ‘old people cancer’ and that you can have virtually no symptoms until it’s to late. And to maybe convince those who had strange bowel habits to go get them checked. If it doesn’t feel right then it’s most likely not. 

Listen to your gut. 

Love your gut. 

Ruth explained to me that the GICI is a charity and as it is too small, does not receive any government funding. However GI cancers are the most prolific in New Zealand, even more common than breast cancer. 

I had signed up to the Love yet Guts campaign to try and raise money for such a worthy cause. I can proudly say that I have reached my goal and at last count I had raised $1105. 

But when Ruth asked me to be involved it was kind of a no brainer. This charity raises funds for cancer research and trials into GI cancers. Currently my chemo regime is working but there may come a time when I need that research or trial to stay alive. So really they were fundraising for people like me and my family. 

So of course I said yes!

Jeremy being the pragmatic and protective husband that he is, wanted to find out more before I started agreeing to everything left right and centre. So he spoke to Ruth and James from their Pr and Marketing people and felt more confident going ahead. 

And boy did we get spoilt. 

Flown up to Auckland where Ruth took us out for lunch and down to Continental Cas in Newmarket to look at the Ferrari’s. A board member of GICI is a chair of the NZ Ferrari Club, and so he organised for us to be taken out and driven around for the afternoon on a California T. Red of course!

We arrived in style at the Sky City Grand Hotel, pulling up outside in the Ferrari, which garnered some very admiring looks from the passers by. 

Inside the hotel Ruth was waiting with the marketing team from The Marketing Department, Claire, Trevor and Craig. 

They followed us up to our hotel room and set up for the interview.  

We had been asked to share our story, from diagnoses to today, the ups and downs, where we felt support was lacking etc so the GICI could use my videos on their website and Facebook page for marketing and raising funds. 

This was the part I was most nervous about! I had shared our story with you all on here towards the beginning to help me process, and to my counsellor but this would be taking it to the next level. 

So where did we start…? 

At the beginning of course. 

We talked for around an hour, with Trevor and Claire prompting with the occasional question to discuss. But it felt very natural and easy going. 

Yes I got emotional. And cried. But who wouldn’t?

And we ended up with this short video to start with. 

Laura and Jeremy Robson Ep 1
And you know what?

I am really fricken proud of that! 

It was hard and emotionally draining, but now my story has been able to get out to a wider audience and hopefully help other people. 

It means I will have made a mark on the world.. no matter how long or short I have left, I have helped others 

And in a selfish way, there is a video of Jeremy and I discussing this disease. So that when I am gone, my family and friends will be able to look back and all ways see me. 

It’s a powerful message to share and I am glad to be apart of it. 

Thank you to the GICI, Continental Card, Ferrari CLUB NZ and Skycity Grand for amazing accomodation and food and to Ruth for organising suchan amazing day. 


One thought on “Love Yer Guts

  1. MJ's tripover, Lynch-Syndrome. says:

    Love your courage to spread the awareness in New Zealand, keep strong! What a nice outting and ride you experienced. I am going through chemotherapy right now, diagnosis Dec 16 bowel cancer in segmoid at age 39, mum of two. My diagnosis Presumed Lynch-syndrome I would like to campaign for awareness on too. Keep your fighting spirit!!


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